Image for our destiny

August 7th 2011
Imagine you are travelling on a liner: it has an itinerary and has to stop at certain ports, and you have no way of diverting it from its course. And once you are at sea you cannot leave it, either, other than by falling in the water. But on the liner you can read, talk to your neighbours, eat, drink, dance, sleep in your cabin or climb up to the bridge to look at the sea, and so on – the possibilities are endless. The image of the liner is that of humanity’s destiny. We are all on a liner, whose itinerary is plotted by the heavenly powers and no one is able to alter. We can do as we like on board: live in peace or fight, become more perfect or more debased. But the itinerary does not depend on us; the events which humanity, the solar system and even the whole cosmos will have to experience have been set from all eternity; you can do nothing to change them.