Year, a

Is a living entity

December 31st 2016
One year is ending, and another is about to begin. It is the time when everyone makes wishes for themselves, their families, their friends and for the whole world. It is the custom to meet, to embrace, to invite each other, in the hope that this new year will bring us all manner of good things. But before we think of the new year, spend a moment considering the year that is on its way out and speak to it. You are surprised – ‘What, speak to a year?’ Yes. The Cabbalah says that a year is a living being that is leaving, and that you can speak to it. So talk to it and ask it to remember you. Being alive, it doesn’t remain inactive – it has registered not only your actions, but also your wishes, feelings and thoughts. On the last day it will report to the lords of destiny and it will connect you to the new year. Do not fail to acknowledge it before leaving it behind. 75 P