Method, a

Needs to be found for each new problem

January 6th 2017
You would like to discover a method by which you could solve all problems and face all situations, like a key that would open all doors? Well no such method exists. What worked yesterday is no longer effective today, and you must try something different. Yesterday, for example, you read an idea that enabled you to see clearly, or to recover your serenity, but today this idea no longer works, and you must look for something new. In this way, day after day, heaven forces us to advance and to make new discoveries, or we would simply go to sleep. Every day life presents us with a new situation, a new arrangement of things, a new balance of power and thus new problems to solve. And if yesterday we called on wisdom as the solution, perhaps today it is love, or will-power, or flexibility, or patience that will work. There is always a solution, but in each instance you will need to make the effort to look for it.