Of the aggressive instinct and of the sexual instinct strengthens us

January 22nd 2011
Those who do not know how to control their anger are unaware it is a force from much further away trying to find a way into them. They even believe, for a moment at least, that this powerful current is communicating something of its power to them. But this is an illusion, for it is the current that is powerful and not the person it goes through. And so, after it has gone, the poor unfortunate person is left weak and trembling all over – in their jaws, their legs, their hands. A disciple of an initiatic school understands that by controlling the anger they feel rising in them and seeking to transform it they acquire true power. And it is the same with sexual energy: we are considerably strengthened by controlling it. That is why the initiates, who have learned to control their aggressive as well as their sexual instinct, have so much energy for thinking and speaking, with the purpose of enlightening others.