For a sunny day

August 8th 2011
The story goes that an elderly woman was so afraid of burglars she decided to put a certain sum of money aside in case they visited: that way she was bound not to be mistreated. Of course, eventually a burglar came, and the woman said, ‘Ah! There you are! I’ve been waiting for you. I have something ready for you…’ Astounded by the welcome, the burglar went away very happy, as you can imagine. As for her, she did not know that by expecting a burglar she had attracted one. There are not many people, you will be thinking, who have the bizarre idea of putting money aside in case of a burglary. Yes, no doubt, but on the other hand many save for a rainy day. And that comes down to the same thing, for they are summoning the rainy days. This is magic – unconsciously they are doing a kind of black magic. So, never say you are saving for a rainy day, because you are attracting it. Save for a sunny day instead. This way, when the princess appears, you will have the money to marry her. Obviously, the princess is symbolic. The princess coming represents all the wonderful opportunities that can present themselves in life. It is useful to have money to take advantage of these opportunities.