We know it only through our spiritual senses

August 9th 2011
Only after repeated efforts contemplating the sun each morning can we get to know it, for it does not reveal itself that easily, and our everyday activities are no preparation when it comes to perceiving a life of such subtlety, one that nourishes our soul and spirit. But we must persevere; we have to work on our spiritual senses for a long time before we can feel the Divinity itself manifesting through the sun and are able to commune with it. You think you know the sun. You don’t. You will begin to know it when you feel a vibration in your solar plexus of such intensity that your whole being will be satisfied and its thirst quenched. Then, like the sun, you will be ready to pour out your warmth, your light and your life for the whole world, and this is when the Holy Trinity – the Father, Son and Holy Spirit – will become a living reality within you.