Questions to ask about their nature and their fulfilment

January 21st 2017
When you experience a desire for something, question yourself about its nature, its quality. Ask yourself what you are going to do to fulfil this desire, to realise it, but also what will you do once you have done so. You wish to be rich? Or course you have the right to be so, but what methods will you use to succeed? And, once rich, what will you do with this wealth? Will it be used for your own satisfaction, or to help those who are in need? And if you desire beauty, once again, you must be vigilant. Do not seek that beauty which turns human hearts upside down and can lead them to despair or crime. Concentrate on spiritual beauty, on that which inspires people and encourages them to better themselves. The misfortunes of human beings stem from the fact that they bring no moral consideration to bear on their wishes, on their projects. Even when they enter a spiritual teaching, how many think only of finding the means to satisfy their desires!