Physical and spiritual planes

There is no separation between them

January 22nd 2017
We are in the habit of separating the physical plane from the spiritual plane, but the truth is that there is no separation between the two. There is a continuous progression from the physical plane to the etheric plane and beyond this, to the astral, mental, causal, buddhic and atmic planes. This progression from the physical plane to the subtle planes takes place in humans through the intermediary of centres and organs which are in a sense, extensions of the organs and centres on the physical plane. We can consider these subtle centres (the solar plexus, the hara centre, the chakras, the aura), to be transformers which enable us to live harmoniously in the physical and spiritual realms at the same time, because there is a continuous coming and going between them. This is true spiritual alchemy: the continuous transformation of physical, dense and opaque matter into fluidic, etheric and spiritual matter, and conversely, the diffusion of this spiritual matter within the physical body, which is then invigorated and regenerated as a result.