A moment-to-moment victory over opposing forces

January 23rd 2017
Stability and all constructive activity depend on unity. Whenever you feel indecisive or scattered within yourself, stop. Meditate, collect yourself, and strive to attain the very centre of your being: your higher self. For it is only around this centre that all the currents running through you will be brought into harmony and, whatever the circumstances, you will sense an equilibrium within you which no shock can disturb. Balance… nothing is more important than this for our physical and psychic life. And at the same time nothing is more difficult to achieve. It actually takes very little to make us lose our balance and fall! Balance is a moment-to-moment victory over opposing forces and is therefore always at risk. We must learn to control these opposing forces and, in order to do so, we must be clear-sighted, attentive and steadfast.