Voice of heaven

Talks to us softly

January 24th 2017
If you are really attentive, you will sense that at every important moment of your life (a meeting, a journey, a job, or a decision), an inner voice is there advising you. But you do you not listen to it and you make mistakes. Why don’t you listen? Because only noise and clamour attract your attention. In order for you to hear this inner being who speaks to you, it must make a lot of noise; but as it speaks softly, you will not hear it. From now on you must understand that when the higher beings speak to humans, they say only a few words in a voice which is almost imperceptible, a whisper, like a gentle breeze, it is up to us to be attentive. You sometimes find yourself in difficult situations. Has it ever happened that you say, ‘Why did I let myself embark....? There was something there, that warned me, but that voice was so faint...’ Well, draw the conclusion: in future beware of voices that speak a great deal and very loudly in order to fool you, and try rather to listen to the soft voice from heaven that wants you to avoid unnecessary suffering.