Give one’s life a richer and richer meaning

January 30th 2017
As we set about discovering the meaning of life, we must not begin by questioning the existence of God. In fact, we must do the exact opposite. If we give greater and richer meaning to every moment of our life, the existence of God will be obvious. God is life, the fullness of life, and in order to feel his presence we must come alive and discover that everything around us is also alive: the earth is alive, water and air are alive, fire and light are alive! What can a dead person feel? No matter what you give them, they will not react, because their life has gone and they can feel nothing. In order to experience sensations, we must be alive. You will say you already know this. Yes, theoretically, everyone knows it. But this is not enough, which is why everywhere we go we meet so many walking corpses, who wonder what they are doing on this earth. May they eventually decide to revive life within themselves.