A spiritual master works on the divinity that lives within each being

January 31st 2017
If I did not believe that you were inhabited by the Divinity, that you are divinities, I would perhaps have become discouraged and abandoned everything long ago. It is for the Divinity that dwells within you that I continue. And so, when I adopt an attitude towards certain people, others who are well intentioned, reproach me. They say, ‘But why do you not see this person as they really are? You receive him and you trust him. Be careful, for they will create problems for you.’ In reality I see quite clearly, but I know what I am doing, and it is they who do not know. I know that by showing them my understanding, my trust, I can arouse in some people the need to improve, as I address the divinity that is within them. I use this teaching method consciously. I know the risks, and if nothing good comes out of them, I obviously think it’s a shame, but I’m not devastated or discouraged.