Makes us vulnerable

February 2nd 2017
Although they claim to practice a religion or follow a spiritual teaching, many people live in uncertainty and doubt. Thus they continue to introduce division within themselves and eventually falter. Look at what the woodcutter does when he is not able to cut down a tree, armed with just his axe: in order to bring the tree down he drives a wedge into the cut he makes at the base of the trunk. Unknowingly, those who have doubts allow little wedges to be driven into themselves, and thanks to all the axes in existence – outer, and especially inner difficulties – they are then quickly brought down. On the path of light to which you are committed, if doubt or uncertainty are able to enter your trunk, your psychic and spiritual energies begin to escape. Therefore, any time you feel threatened, go deep inside yourself and tell yourself, ‘Right now my vision is obscured, but I continue to put my faith in good, in the light, I will act with honesty and courage.’ If you can stay in that state of mind, the trunk of your inner tree will leap boldly towards heaven.