Book of nature, the

Is the true bible

February 4th 2017
The word Bible means book. But the true Bible, the real book, is the book of living nature. That is to say, the universe created by God, and also the human being, that he made in the image of this universe and into whom he breathed his spirit. All sacred books have their origins in this great book, and each presents only a few fragments of it. The book of nature alone is complete and indestructible, and if you have not learned to read it, you can spend your entire life reading the Bible and you will still understand very little of it. Fanatics may brandish the Bible, the Koran or other sacred texts but, even if they are divinely inspired, these books can never replace the book in which the Creator has inscribed everything: the human being. This book possesses what neither the Bible nor the other sacred books possess: a soul and a spirit which are alive and eternal.