Fusion with the divine

An exercise

February 7th 2017
In order to transcend the limits of their consciousness, a disciple of initiatic science must learn to project themself to great heights, to the sublime Being who embraces and nourishes every creature. The disciple seeks to know how this Being envisions the destiny of mankind, what plans he has in mind for the disciple’s own evolution, not just in the near future, but more importantly in the distant future. And through striving to draw closer and closer to this immense, luminous and perfect Being that the disciple is able to detach themself. A transformation takes place within them, in their subconscious, in their consciousness, and in their superconsciousness, and what they then feel and experience is indescribable. This practice is one of the most beneficial for the disciple: by devoting themselves to it every day, they distance themselves from their limited ego and dissolve into this ocean of light which is God. It is here that they receive true knowledge and discover freedom.