Spiritual guide

False pretexts for refusing the idea of it

February 9th 2017
On the grounds that charlatans and crooks can pass themselves off as initates, many people systematically reject the idea of a spiritual master. But what odd reasoning! Do these people stop listening to music because some musicians compose awful sounds? Do they no longer visit galleries because the artwork of some artists is just daubs of paint? Do they no longer read books because some authors write nonsense? Why then this lack of logic? The truth is that to listen to music, to seek out works of art or to read books is quite easy, whereas to undertake the path of the spiritual life, to accept a discipline in life and to do exercises every day requires great time and effort. Then are not all these people, who reject the idea of a spiritual master simply lazy, finding every excuse to refuse the light of a true guide, and to avoid making an effort?