Spirit, the

A summit from which we have all the opportunities to take action

February 10th 2017
If you are insignificant and little known in society, you are powerless to intervene in the affairs of state. To be able to do so, you must try to reach the summit, where the king or president is to be found, and become their minister. Then, yes, you have the power, because you have reached the zenith or the focal point. As long as you remain below, or on the periphery, no-one listens to you and you do not achieve much. This law also applies in the spiritual realm. Until you succeed in reaching the centre or the summit within you, that is to say your spirit, you can achieve certain things, of course, but you are not truly in charge of anything. Whereas once you manage to connect with your spirit, you become the master, because this centre affords you all possibilities. So, stop being concerned with the periphery down below where you will be limited. Work to reach the spirit within you, without worrying about the time it will take.