Heavenly father and divine mother

Never forget that we are their children

February 11th 2017
Only those who understand, first and foremost, that they are a child of the heavenly Father and the divine Mother can progress on the path of initiation. They do not reason like these so-called philosophers or scientists who find the idea of God absurd, out-of-date and believe they are being intelligent and showing a free mind by leaving God, in order to live an independent life away from him. They think, ‘To be a son of God, a daughter of God what nonsense! We are adults.’ Well, no, they are not adults but recalcitrant children. The true adult, in the initiatic sense, never leaves his celestial parents to seek independence. Only unconscious, ignorant children demand independence and freedom far from the Lord. And then they wonder why they suffer, both physically and psychically. This is not hard to understand; when someone separates from God, they are no longer nourished, protected, supported or educated. All those who have left their divine parents are beset by troubles and distress. So, embrace your celestial Father and Mother, and trust them wholeheartedly.