Desire to know

Is not without risks

February 18th 2017
Our life is simply a succession of encounters, of contacts with objects, places, situations, human beings and other creatures. Everyone wants to experience and know. Why? Because they think that with this newly acquired knowledge they will gain something. That is true, but be careful, or you run the risk that the opposite may happen. The fly looks at the spider’s web with great curiosity. It wants to know what it is. It has no idea that in this magnificent web of threads lurks the very cunning creature who used all its talents to spin it, and so the fly ventures in and makes the acquaintance of the spider. The artist who conceived this trap is of course delighted, but for the fly it is the end. Well, life is full of spider’s webs and traps like this, waiting for the curious and unwary who think they can venture forth without being aware of the dangers.