We will never be able to reach it

February 24th 2017
Although all human beings are identical in structure, they differ in their sensibility, understanding, needs and aspirations, and as a result they differ in their perception of things. So when they argue with each other about who posseses the truth, what they claim as the truth, is true only to them. You might say, ‘But is there no truth?’ On the contrary. The higher we rise within ourselves, the more we detach from our own personal and selfish interests, by purifying ourselves, allowing ourselves to be penetrated by divine light, the closer we come to the truth. But it is impossible to say whether one day we will know the truth in terms of an absolute principle. All we can say with certainty is this: with every effort we make to throw off the opaque layers that have formed around us due to our murky and unrestrained thoughts and sentiments, we come a little closer to the truth.