Should exclude nothing and no-one

March 4th 2017
In the realm of politics and economics, when people call for unity, it almost always comprises alliances based on selfish interests, somewhat like those of bandits who unite in order to carry out their attacks? Although this is obviously not unity in the true sense of the word, this is how people think of it – as banding together to pounce on others to expel or even annihilate them. When the citizens of a country say, ‘Let’s unite!’ and the only goal of their union is to attack their neighbour instead of getting along with them, they cannot genuinely speak of unity. True unity is meant to be all-encompassing. If an organ in the human body establishes unity in itself but fails to work in harmony with the others, it will perhaps feel fine, but the others will suffer, and unity will thus be compromised. When we speak of unity, we are referring to a universal, cosmic unity which excludes nothing and no-one. But this unity must first of all be established within ourselves: all our cells, all our inclinations must be directed towards God. Our efforts to bring this about will be reflected in all other entities, humans and all the little scattered entities will come together to create one universal whole.