Its role in our perfection

March 8th 2017
Thought has an important role to play in our efforts to perfect ourselves. So, those who wish to become wiser, stronger, and more fraternal must set aside time to wish for and visualise these qualities. Imagine yourselves surrounded by light, sending your love across the whole world, and withstanding all difficulties and temptations. Little by little the images you form of these qualities will take on life. They will influence you, they will transform you as they work to attract the necessary elements from the universe and to establish them in your entire being. Of course, a good deal of time and work are necessary before any result is achieved. But the day this result presents itself, you can doubt no longer: you feel a living entity above you which protects you, instructs you, purifies you, enlightens you, and in difficult situations gives you the support you need. So you should begin by forming some ideal in the world of the spirit. Then, thanks to the thought this perfection will then gradually descend into your psychic matter where it will be realized.