Starry sky

Contemplating it brings earthly cares into perspective

August 14th 2011
When you feel weighed down by worries and misfortunes, go out at night and look at the starry sky; meditate on how small the earth is, lost in infinite space… Think how the One who created so many worlds must surely have filled them with creatures more intelligent, more beautiful and more powerful than humans. For when you see these pygmies arguing, squabbling and killing each other, how can you think that the earth – a speck of dust in the immensity of space – is where the Creator placed his most perfect creatures? Beneath the stars, you can feel that all the problems that take on such huge proportions in your mind now hardly mean a thing. When you consider that the stars you are watching have existed for billions of years, that the Intelligence that created those worlds is eternal and that you are created in its image, you feel that your spirit also is eternal and that nothing can really trouble you.