The causal plane

Region of stability and security

March 14th 2017
You will never find the inner stability and security you are looking for as long as you remain in the region of feelings and emotions, in other words in the astral plane*, because here the climate, the atmospheric conditions never stop changing: one moment the sun shines and you are happy, and then along come the clouds and with them sadness. One moment you are in love and then something happens and you are no longer in love. On the astral plane nothing is stable or secure. We cannot do without feeling, of course not, but do not make the astral plane your home or your shelter. You can go down there, take a walk, look around, study the commotion and the distress that is caused there, but do not live there. Make your home higher up, even beyond the mental plane, because the world of thoughts is not perfectly safe either. How many times do you change your mind or your opinions to suit your own interests? And here again, only disappointment. If you want to be secure you must elevate yourself to the causal plane. Jesus tells us to build our house on rock. This rock is the symbol of the causal plane.