Divine blessings

Open yourself in order to reveive them

March 17th 2017
In order to receive beneficial currents from space, you have to open up. The Lord has poured out all his blessings in abundance, and if you do not receive them it is because your view of life is so limited that you have severed the bond with him. And then, you complain, ‘Oh, nobody hears me, nobody comes to help me, I’m alone, abandoned, it is not possible for God to exist!’ Human beings are extraordinary, they put themselves into deplorable situations, and then they draw the conclusion that God does not exist! No more than that! But if they made some small effort to open themselves to him and communicate with him, they would discover that he has always been there to support and enlighten them, and that if they have not received this help or light, it is because they were closed. Someone who limits themself hurts themself. So make the effort to open up, to expand: you will be captivated with wonder and feel the blessings of the divine presence everywhere – above you, around you and within you.