Cosmic intelligence only inflicts it as a last resort

March 19th 2017
To understand suffering and to endure it, do not start to consider it as a heavenly punishment. It is above all a warning, a lesson to stop human beings who are on a slope, from tumbling to their ruin. Yes, when they stubbornly refuse to understand, it is suffering alone that can instruct and save them. Obviously it would be better not to reach this point, but what else can be done? When Cosmic Intelligence has tried wisdom and explanations by way of the initiates it has sent, when it has tried love and patience by sending saints, prophets and martyrs, and still there is no change, all that is left is to send hardship. It then allows tyrants, criminals and torturers to take over. Cosmic Intelligence only uses suffering as a last resort when, having tried everything, there is no other way to make humans think.