‘to know, to want, to dare, to be silent’

Why be silent?

March 26th 2017
‘To know, to want, to dare, to be silent.’ These four verbs summarize the programme of someone walking on the path of Initiation. ‘But why "be silent"?’ you might ask. Because from the moment you know what work to do and you have the will to do it and you dare undertake it, there is nothing more to add. The whole of your being will show the results of this work. When you dwell in peace and joy, is it necessary to tell others? No, they see it, they sense it. And if you are living through an inner storm, you may pretend you are swimming in serenity and harmony, no-one will believe you, or they may even laugh in your face. Because here too, everything – the disorder, the noise – shows through. Human beings tell, explain, and they think that by assembling words and sentences they will manage to convince others. If they really lived what they said, they would not even need to talk. Therefore try to meditate on this really significant precept, ‘be silent’.