Phycic states, our

Influence others, for which we are responsible

April 5th 2017
Each of our psychic states produces an effect in the invisible world, and will therefore affect other creatures. Even if most human beings are not aware of this, it does not change anything; sooner or later they will be obliged to take note of all the damage caused by their internal disorders. When they arrive in the other world the heavenly beings will say, ‘Look, it is your fault that this crime was committed, that this accident happened.’ They may well protest that they never did anything wrong, that they never stole, or destroyed anything, or killed anyone. But the response will be, ‘Perhaps not, but your bad thoughts and feelings created negative currents that influenced others, and because of you, they were pushed to do wrong.’ Before divine Justice we are not only responsible for our actions. Each of us is equally responsible for their thoughts, feelings, and desires, because they act in the invisible world as forces capable of leading other beings towards good or evil.