Our faults are recorded within us

It is not god who punishes us

April 8th 2017
Why is God presented as someone who watches human beings day and night and writes in a little notebook all the faults they are openly or secretly committing? In fact, the Lord is not concerned with the faults of human beings. Let’s say he spends his time at banquets partaking of nectar and ambrosia, and all the angels rejoice with him singing and their musical instruments. So, you will ask, what happens when we make mistakes? It is very simple. If human beings had the idea to create recording machines, it is because such machines already exist in nature, and thus in themselves as well. And these ‘machines’ record their thoughts, feelings, and actions. When they transgress certain limits, in whatever realm it may be, a mechanism is set in motion and they lose something, either on the physical, the emotional, or the mental plane. This is our punishment; it is not God who punishes us. On the contrary, God is always ready to receive us at heaven’s banquets.