Starts with work on life within us

April 16th 2017
Nothing in the world has a value greater than, or even equal to life, and our first duty is to preserve our life, to protect it, to make it more powerful, more intense. History has told of men and women who gave their lives standing up for certain ideas, to save victims, people in danger. Saints, prophets, initiates have also given their lives for an idea, for the glory of God; not only did they not lose anything, but thereafter received a new life, even richer and more beautiful, because they had sacrificed themselves for the good. But apart from these cases, which are the exception, each person must conserve their life, preserve it, purify, intensify and enlighten it, for life is the source, the point of departure of all other developments on the physical, emotional and mental planes. True resurrection begins by working on life. At the beginning, there is life, then come wisdom, love, beauty, etc., as many branches of the primordial tree of life.