Is dulled by excess

April 17th 2017
The spiritual evolution of a human being is accompanied by an increase in their sensitivity. The more our sensitivity increases the more abundant and intense our life becomes. If our sensitivity decreases we return to the animal, vegetable and mineral kingdoms. You mightl say, ‘But the greater our sensitivity, the greater the chance of us suffering.’ That is true, but even if one risks becoming more vulnerable, it is preferable, because with increased sensitivity comes a greater intensity of life. As for the people who have great sensitivity, take care to preserve it by knowing moderation. For it is excess that dulls sensitivity. If you read too much, for instance, your brain becomes saturated and you no longer enjoy thinking. If you want to understand the essential points, you must avoid accumulating too many ideas in your head. And this goes for friendship and love too. You must watch yourself, keep a certain distance, because if you throw yourself headlong into the thrills of love you will soon become bored and feel nothing. Sensitivity develops in people who know how to reduce the quantity and increase the quality.