Alive, becoming more

By rejoicing in everything that exists

January 23rd 2011
As soon as you find you are lacking something, you are ready to complain. Why, just because you notice this lack, must it cloud the way you see things? The sun rises each morning, you have light, air, water, food… You can see, hear, taste, understand… And you also have the power to relate to the Creator, to all the heavenly entities and to other human beings. What are you thinking as you look in the mirror in the morning? And as you run water in the sink or in the shower? And when you see your wife or husband or your children, what are you thinking? You may say you don’t have any. Maybe not, but when you leave your house in the morning you surely meet people. What are you thinking when you see them? All those who live close to you, as well as those you meet, are there to make you reflect, to refine your sensitivity. Instead of focusing on what you lack, learn to rejoice in all of life’s inexhaustible riches, and you yourself will become more alive.