Comes more from ourselves than from others

April 29th 2017
For most people, the slightest annoyance sets off an entire mechanism within them. They take any opportunity to mull over their thoughts and feelings of irritation, anger, resentment and revolt. They judge everything others do in terms of their own desires and expectations, and let others beware if they do not meet these expectations! Not only do they hold grudges against others, but they attribute all kinds of malevolent intentions to them. They do not ask themselves whether these people are busy or otherwise occupied, whether they have problems or are ill, and whether their behaviour could possibly be justified by their current situation. Why should they ask themselves such questions? They prefer to interpret their behaviour as personal affronts. Human beings will be much better off when they realize that it is not others who inflict the most harm, but they themselves, because they continually listen to their lower nature. It is this lower nature, so neurotic, which at every opportunity, feeds on false ideas and mistaken beliefs that they should be wary of.