Its powers depend on us. the pentagram

May 1st 2017
You wish, for example, to wear a talisman to shelter you from the aggression of the psychic world, so you go into a shop where you buy a pentagram, the five-pointed star, because you have read that this symbol has special protective properties. Well, think again: wearing this pentagram or placing it at the entrance of your home, will not protect you if you do not yourself, by your inner work, impregnate it with pure and harmonious vibrations. And even if a great mage may have prepared it for you, this talisman cannot continue to be effective and powerful if you do not work to acquire the virtues symbolized by the pentagram: love, wisdom, truth, justice, kindness. The pentagram is, in a way, like the skeleton of a spirit on the astral plane, but it has to be given life in order to stand guard near you or at the entrance of your home and to protect you from evil entities. And you can only energise it by your own life, a life of honesty, integrity in the service of light.