Should be moderated and guided

May 2nd 2017
Ask people about their likings and you will discover an extraordinary diversity. Everyone has likes and dislikes which vary according to their temperament. Whether it comes from the head, heart, stomach, genitals, there is always something within us that wants to lead us in a certain direction. But this is not a reason to follow it blindly; before giving in to an impulse, we must ask ourselves what the consequences will be. Those whose consciousness is not awakened can find pleasure in pursuits that are pointless and even harmful for their evolution. Whatever their appetites, they seek to satisfy them. But they should not be surprised if these joys quickly turn into suffering, bitterness, and regret. Only the pleasures of a wise and enlightened being remain pure gold. You should not deprive yourself of joys or pleasures, you should just be aware of their nature and always try to replace them with joys and pleasures that are purer, nobler and more beneficial for yourself and for others.