Beneficial changes

Will not last unless we work on the causes

May 6th 2017
It is not so much on the physical plane that we must try to sort things out, for the physical plane is the world of consequences, over which we have very little power. In order to bring about lasting change, we must rise, through thought, to the world of causes, for it is only there that we have all the means to contact and trigger beneficial forces that will sooner or later produce some results. But most people ignore this. They content themselves with intervening on the physical plane. And then they are surprised to see that the improvements they have managed to achieve do not last; events or people come and arrange things their own way without consulting them. And so they are never in control of the situation. The same law applies to an individual. If you want, for example, to change your bad habits, do not tackle them directly. Try to rise, through thought, to the causal plane, for it is up there, by uniting with the world of wisdom, love and truth, that you will be able to release powers, which will have an influence on your behaviour.