Given off by the virtuous attracts celestial entities

May 7th 2017
In the sacred books it is said that the souls of the virtuous exhale scents that are the delight of the Lord and celestial entities. And it is true: the soul of a virtuous person gives off a scent, and that scent attracts the angels, it attracts the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit descends only into a soul in which it can inhale the scent. It is therefore very important for us to manage, through our spiritual work, to improve the quality of our scent, that is to say, our psychic emanations, not so much to attract humans, but to attract friends from the invisible world. Why not offer them this joy? You say you burn incense... It’s good, but it is not enough; if you want to attract the angels, it is also within that you must learn to exhale the fragrance of purity and holiness.