Is never wasted if you know how to work

August 20th 2011
Spiritual work is a long-term undertaking, and you will certainly not achieve big results very quickly. But the main thing is to work, and then, be patient!… even if this is the hardest thing to do. There are few who know how to wait. Being patient is so often seen as a waste of time! It is true that in shops and government offices, at the doctor’s, at the post office counter or the bank, waiting can seem like a waste of time, but, there again, you have enough to keep you busy if you work with your thoughts. Time is never wasted for those who are aware that they can become creators in the invisible world through their thinking and imagination. The only real waste of time is time spent being lazy, pursuing pointless activities or base pleasures or behaving badly. So it is up to you not to waste your time. Having to wait to realize your highest aspirations is not a waste of time, because while you are waiting you are working, and while you are working your soul is already opening up.