Identification with god

How to understand this exercise

May 8th 2017
To discover the presence of God within us, the best exercise is to seek to identify with him. But to identify with the Lord does not mean imagining that we have succeeded in reaching him, and from there, on high, declaring ourselves omniscient and all-powerful. Those who practise this exercise of identification must desire only to be permeated by the immensity of God, to diminish and melt into his vastness. In relation to other human beings, we often have to assert ourselves, to resist, to oppose even, so that we do not disappear. But before God, when we diminish ourself, by being humble before him, we strengthen ourselves and grow. The law of polarisation also operates in this realm: the great and the small attract each other. God, who is infinitely great, loves the infinitely small, so if you become small, God draws you to him. It is humility which will enable you to become truly one with him.