Place of fulfilment and perfect movement

May 9th 2017
Even if human beings complain how rushed and feverish their lives are, they accept their way of life. For some, all this constant tension and stress is what true life is all about. They rush from one place to another, meeting briefly with countless people, spend hours on the phone, doing deals everywhere, and this is their idea of being active and creative. It is in silence, however, that true activity is generated. It is in silence that the greatest achievements are attained, where immortal creations are made. From time to time, think of stopping for a while; try to feel the intense life that pulsates at the heart of this absence of noise and apparent stillness. Silence is where you will find fulfilment and perfect movement. Once you become conscious of this you will find within yourself the type of silence from which will spring your most beautiful spiritual creations.