Their incarnation into a family is never by chance

May 11th 2017
Some psychologists justify the disobedience and insolence of children and adolescents claiming that because young people are much more intelligent and gifted than their parents, it is normal that they should stand up to them. It is true that there are gifted children but they are very rare, and it is not true that most children are geniuses and have a right to rebel against their mediocre parents. No. You must understand first of all that there is a reason why a child is born into a particular family, because nothing happens by chance. The lords of destiny act with wisdom and justice, and once the child has arrived it is too late to challenge the situation. If they incarnated into this family they were either born there because they deserved it, or to carry out a special apprenticeship, and this apprenticeship consists first of all in accepting their parents. Later on, who can say, but in becoming a member of this family, they first have to do their best to live in harmony with them. When they have proved their true superiority they can do as they wish, but not before.