That we leave wherever we go

May 12th 2017
Wherever we go and whatever beings or objects we touch, we leave traces. We say of those who are evil that where they have walked, grass will not grow. And symbolically at least, this is no exaggeration. Others, on the contrary, who think only to enlighten, invigorate, comfort and liberate others, leave such life-giving and luminous imprints wherever they go, that those who come after them suddenly feel regenerated. So, wherever you are, remember to offer your best wishes: ‘May all those who come here be touched by the love and brotherhood. Let them discover the true life. May they become children of God and work for the coming of his kingdom on earth!’ Everywhere, whether you are in the city or the country, whether you are walking down a street or a path, bless this street or this path with your thoughts. Ask that all those who pass this way may receive life, peace, light and hope.