Truth about beings and things

Only through intuition can it be known

May 14th 2017
The intellect is a faculty which allows people to know the physical world and a little of the psychic world, but nothing more. It is thus a very limited faculty. The intellect alone cannot know the truth. The truth of a rose cannot be described and analysed merely in terms of its form, its colour and its perfume. The truth of a rose is its soul and its emanation, an entire collection of elements which make it a rose and nothing else. And the same thing applies to human beings. The truth about them is much more than we see; it encompasses everything about them: their feelings, their thoughts, their actions, their soul, their spirit. Until we know these, we do not know the truth about them; we have only a few notions about their appearance and their behaviour. Truth about the human being is a synthesis which can be known only by the faculty we call intuition.