Our higher self

Purify ourselves in order to receive its messages

May 18th 2017
Our higher self, our divine self is constantly sending us messages; and if we do not receive them, or if we receive them wrongly, it is because we have accumulated too many impurities within us. Consider an oil lamp whose glass is smoky: its flame is not as luminous, as far-reaching or as beautiful as when the glass is absolutely transparent; it must be cleaned. A human being can be likened to an oil lamp: their inner light wants to manifest through them, this light, which is love and wisdom, cannot pass through all the layers of impurities they have accumulated from leading their immoderate lifestyle, by not respecting in their intellect and in their heart, the laws of wisdom and love. They must therefore cleanse and purify themselves until their physical, astral, and mental bodies become so transparent and pure that this divine light, buried within them and struggling to emerge from the darkness, may finally shine in all its brilliance.