Symbol of a spiritual person

June 2nd 2017
Do not be ambitious and subject yourself to exhausting rivalries. Choose an activity where you have plenty of space, or are perhaps even alone, for no one will be able to prevent you from growing. If you go and plant yourself beside a great tree, it will complain you are encroaching on its territory. And what will happen if you venture into the territory of a wild animal? Be like a bird instead: it has a tiny little body, fragile and light, with a tiny beak, but it also has wings to fly freely in the air. A bird has no ambition to impose itself on a wild animal; the only thing it asks for from the Creator is its song, joy and freedom of movement. True sons and daughters of God are like birds; they do not want to clear a path through the jungle, but fly every day in the sky to bring back peace, light and joy, which they then share with all their brothers and sisters.