Black magic

How to consider it

June 3rd 2017
Black magic exists, I know, but what I know most of all is that by our way of thinking about objects and events, we increase or diminish their power. Since black magic exists – and even supposing that ill-intentioned people want to use it against us – it is by having faith in its power that we reinforce it. Instead, tell yourself that as a son or daughter of God you cannot be attacked so easily by the forces of evil, and it will not affect you. But you have to be reasonable. If you suffer a failure, an illness, an accident, or a separation, I urge you not to be hasty to attribute it to black magic. First of all, ask yourself sincerely if the cause is not to be found in yourself instead, and find out what you must do to improve the situation. Do not waste precious time in wild imaginings that will do nothing but aggravate your difficulties and your suffering.