Their goal: to unite spirit and matter

June 7th 2017
Much has been said and written about initiations, because at different times and in different places on earth they have taken very different forms. The fact is that all initiations, past as well as present, wherever they take place, have only one goal: to unite spirit and matter. Yes, one goal only: the fusion of spirit and matter, one could also say, of human beings and their Creator. You will ask, ‘But then, if it is only to achieve this single goal, why are the explanations and methods for reaching it so varied and numerous?’ It is because the knowledge necessary to realize this fusion is infinite. Human beings must place all their means and all the knowledge they ceaselessly work to acquire, in the service of this one goal: to unite with the Divinity, to become one with the first Cause. For as long as they seek something other than that, they will simply wander along paths that lead them nowhere.