Often originate in a trivial event

June 12th 2017
So many tragedies are caused by people who claim to work for good, and yet cannot respond reasonably when faced with a minor offence or injustice! They mean well, but at the slightest provocation they create interminable conflict. Most conflicts originate as miniscule incidents which, instead of being dealt with as they could have been, because they were not dealt with right away, assumed undue importance and eventually escalated. We know this, but do we draw lessons for the future? Do we ask ourselves, ‘If I adopt a certain attitude, if I make a certain decision, will my contribution improve matters or complicate them further?’ We have to wonder whether human beings truly desire good. If they did, they would succeed in achieving it. And in any case, it would be easier for them to put out a small fire at the beginning, instead of having to control a big fire which their intransigence and unwillingness had allowed to spread.