Is power

June 13th 2017
We listen in wonder when some people speak: they express themselves with such intelligence, such clarity, such eloquence! But, in fact, it is not enough to understand things intellectually and to explain brilliantly what you have understood; your understanding must manifest in every realm of your existence. Someone says, ‘I understand, I understand...’ All right, but if they really understood, they should act according to what they understood. But for most people, there is a world between understanding and achievement. They understand that we must be honest, sincere, forgiving, altruistic... and that is enough for them; how they then behave, that’s another question! Well, they still have to learn that true understanding is never separated from achievement. Someone who does not express by their actions what they claim to have understood, has not really understood. If they had understood, they would have achieved. Because knowledge is power. If you cannot achieve, you do not yet understand: so strive to acquire the missing elements of your knowledge that you need in order to achieve.