Do not magnify them in advance

June 14th 2017
When you are faced with a problem or receive unpleasant news, observe your reactions. Right away, an entire internal mechanism is set in motion: you become anxious, you imagine the worst and, as a result, through no-one’s fault but your own, what began as a small pebble becomes an enormous rock that obstructs your path. It is senseless. In future, be careful: the moment you receive unpleasant news, and are faced with a bad surprise, instead of giving way immediately to anger, despondency or grief, stop and say, ‘I’ll wait, it may not be so serious, things will work out…’. In doing so, instead of blowing this event out of all proportion and being crushed even before things happen, you reinforce yourself. Why do you always expect things to turn out badly, and for the worst?